Rate your Partisan Intensity Quotient

Beyond basic ideology, we also need to assess your partisan temperament. Are you the type of person who eagerly engages conservatives in debate or do you avoid confrontation at all costs? Answer the following questions, and we’ll rate your PIQ.

  1. Your neighbor has just placed a very large 2008 Giuliani sign on her lawn. Do you:

    1. Show respect for her right to free speech?
    2. Put up an even larger Hillary 2008 sign?
    3. Take down her sign in the middle of the night?
    4. Graffiti your own Hillary sign and then publicly accuse her of defacing your property?

  2. You’re at an antiwar rally. A Republican heckler appears out of nowhere and begins chanting “USA! USA!” while hoisting a sign printed with “Kick Their Ass and Take Their Gas!” Do you:

    1. Embrace him in the spirit of tolerance and respect for diversity?
    2. Move to another part of the crowd to avoid a confrontation?
    3. Hoist up your own sign to drown him out with your own chant?
    4. Wrestle him to the ground and smack him repeatedly with your “Think Peace” sign?

  3. You’re in the voting booth attempting to cast your ballot for the Democratic candidate, but no matter what button you touch on the Diebold machine, the Republican candidate’s name keeps coming up. Do you:

    1. Cast your vote anyway? (How much does one vote really matter?)
    2. Alert a poll worker to the problem?
    3. Alert the DNC and the media to the problem?
    4. Consult your Internet printout, “How to Hack a Diebold Machine in Under Five Minutes,” and change your vote to the Democrat? Repeat as necessary.

  4. You’ve just been given the opportunity to meet President Bush and have a brief face-to-face encounter. Would you:

    1. Tell him what an honor it is to meet him?
    2. Think about what a schmuck he is but hold your tongue out of respect?
    3. Grill him on his exit strategy for Iraq?
    4. Tell him you preferred him when he was a drunken AWOL cokehead?


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