Outwit and Outmock
Your Right-Wing Enemies!

How to Win a Fight With a Conservative is the ultimate survival guide to arguing politics, filled with all the cunning strategies, damning facts, and merciless ridicule liberals need to lay the smackdown on right-wing blowhards everywhere.

This perennially popular book, now in its second edition, has been revised and updated with all new mockery for the presidential election season.

Get ready to fight the right with laughter thanks to this irreverent yet practical guide, which features winning comebacks to conservative nonsense and devastating jabs at Mitt Romney, Tea Partiers, and GOP clowns from Sarah Palin to Michele Bachmann.

Learn how to:
  • Hurl witty retorts at Obama haters, Bible-thumpers, and Wall Street shills
  • Explain why the Left is right and the Right is wrong with the dueling Conservative and Liberal Manifestos
  • Survive family sparring matches, manage workplace squabbles, and learn to cope if you're sleeping with the enemy
  • Entertain your friends and terrify your enemies while arguing politics on Facebook and Twitter
  • Use conservatives' words against them with a handy compilation of moronic right-wing quotes

Partisan warfare has never been so much fun!

Praise for the Book

“How dare this book try to make conservatives look like idiots. That’s my job.”
—Michele Bachmann
“I have people that have been studying this book and they cannot believe what they're finding. It’s huge! I believe the author has pulled one of the great cons in the history of politics.”
—Donald Trump
“This book will lead directly to man-on-dog sex.”
—Rick Santorum
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